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      Olive Oil and Sangria

      Olive Oil and Sangria - JulRe Designs LLC

      Olive Oil and Sangria

      a savory, sumptuous color duo that's decadent, rich and full of flavor. 

      Color Craze: Olive Oil and Sangria - Painting by Unknown ArtistBenjamin Moore Paints show you just how grand this color combo can be when used in a small space. the left side of the image below looks like a one piece sitting/wall unit but it is actually a clever use of their paint color, Vintage Wine and strategically placed shelving and antiqued clothing hooks highlighted by Olive Tree walls.

      the right side of the image creatively illustrates an eclectic use of furniture and accessories in the complementary colors to form a sophisticated reading space.

      Olive Oil and Sangria Living Spaces - Apartment Therapy and HGTV

      images (above left): Apartment Therapy (above right): HGTV

      food is not only nourishment for our bodies and taste buds but when created artfully, it can be appealing to the eye as well. i felt like I'd been tapped by a magic wand when I came across the food styling and photographic artistry in colors much like our duo of Aimee Twigger of Twigg Studios in the UK. her recipe for the Earl Grey Ice Cream captured below is equally divine too! the Twigg Studios Instagram page smolders!

      Earl Grey Ice Cream - Aimee Twigger

      dangle gemstones from your ears that I personally handcrafted in the Olive Oil and Sangria palette with these one-of-a-kind Briana Earrings in Garnet and Prehnite (below). available here on January 21, 2019. 


      Briana Earrings - JulRe Designs

      until next time, wishing you a color-filled life!

      Juliet, CEO/Creative Director, JulRe Designs


      *This post DOES NOT contain affiliate links.