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      Why is custom jewelry worth the wait? 

      Juliet Williams, Designer/Founder/Creative Director, JulRe Designs There are times when only a one of a kind piece of jewelry will suit the person or the occasion. One of my favorite things about being a jewelry designer is working directly with customers to create pieces that are truly unique. If you can't find exactly what you want from my collections, let's collaborate on something especially for you.

      Juliet, Designer/Founder & Creative Director

      CLICK HERE to schedule a virtual consultation with Juliet!

      How our Custom Jewelry Design Service Works: A Timeline

      1. Video or phone consultation is scheduled. Customer agrees or declines to proceed.
      2. Designer creates a design proposal which includes 2-3 concepts and in some cases, a prototype plus pricing.      
      3. Customer selects and agrees to a design concept.
      4. Completion date is agreed upon between customer and designer.
      5. Deposit of 50% per piece of jewelry is paid by customer.
      6. Design work begins after payment of deposit.
      7. For redesigned jewelry, design work begins after the original item is received (sent by customer).
      8. Design is completed and customer is sent images of the item(s) for final approval.
      9. Items are shipped to customer free of charge and received on or before agreed upon completion date.

      Custom Order Fulfillment

      Your custom order will typically take 3-4 weeks to complete. The turnaround time depends on the quantity and complexity of the jewelry and/or if any materials must be special ordered. Please keep in mind that each piece of jewelry is custom made to order by hand, so the length of completion time is also dependent on the volume of orders.

      Holiday Orders

      During busy holiday seasons (October-December and February-June), custom designs may take as long as 6-8 weeks to complete, so please order early during these months to ensure you will receive your items in time.

      Custom Jewelry Prices

      The prices for custom jewelry are as unique as the designs and are subjective to the complexity of the design, cost of the materials and number of hours required to complete. As a rough guideline, custom jewelry prices begin at around $200.00.

      Made to Order Jewelry

      We can sometimes recreate jewelry from past collections. You can purchase many made to order items directly from our website. If you have seen an item featured on our social media pages that you would like to purchase, contact us for details.  

      Due to the fluctuating availability of gemstones and hardware, the finished product may vary slightly from the item depicted. 

      PLEASE NOTE: Custom and made to order jewelry cannot be returned or exchanged. Complimentary repair service is available for one (1) year after purchase.

      For more information or to schedule a consultation, email us  or call (215) 874-7153.