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about Juliet Renee Williams, CEO/Creative Director

Juliet Renee Williams, JulRe Designs CEO/Creative Director

"It all happened by mistake. Let's just say I may have happily "fallen" into jewelry design but my love of color has been lifelong.

After years of working as a Corporate Recruiter while running a personal image consulting firm, I responded to my clients' frustrations with the lack of truly original jewelry available in stores. Never one to turn down a challenge, I took a basic beading class and began to design pieces that fit the personalities of my customers. The response to my custom pieces was quite overwhelming but it propelled my journey in colorful gemstones and was the birth of JulRe Designs. 

I get so much inspiration from the fast-paced world of fashion as well as the beautiful hues and palettes that nature bestows upon us. My mind, body and spirit connections help me to remain balanced and creative. The incredible team that I work with give me the opportunity to do the things I adore. The love and support of my wonderful family and friends keep me grounded and centered. And it is because I have been so fortunate that I find giving back to those in need is easy. My tremendous gratitude comes together in harmony through the beautiful colors I love to share on my blog, The Color Lab and the jewelry I love to create by hand and share with our incredibly supportive customers."


our Design Studio

Located in the quaint village of South Orange, NJ, the JulRe Designs Studio also serves as our warm and inviting headquarters. We appreciate the vibrant, color-filled energy of the New York City area and it will always be an inspiration for our brand and company culture. 

JulRe Designs Studio, South Orange, NJ