A Message from our Founder

Juliet Williams, Founder of Gem Luxe Beauty

I'd like to thank everyone who has trusted us with their skin, purchased a bottle of our Luxe Facial Oils (sometimes 3!!!) and made the launch of Gem Luxe Beauty in December 2019 such an amazing experience. We've come a long way since that bright Summer day almost 3 years ago when I laid a bouquet of flowers I'd just purchased from a local farmer's market on my jewelry design table next to a pile of gemstones that I was about to turn into a pair of earrings. Talk about lightbulb moments! ⁠

We will always believe in clean beauty. We will always use only the highest quality ingredients we can find. We will always believe in treating your skin like a precious gem. We value your opinions and look forward to your feedback. Thank you for the love.