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      Stone Love: Aquamarine, the Soothing Healer

      Stone Love: Aquamarine, the Soothing Healer - JulRe Designs LLC

      Known as the sea water stone, Aquamarine is said to be ruled by the Moon and is infused with yin or feminine energy. To connect with the healing energies of Aquamarine, create a soothing ritual by taking a crystal-infused bath. Because Aquamarine inspires a sense of peacefulness, it may have the power to absorb all your worries and daily troubles.

      When you take a bath, simply add a raw Aquamarine stone to your water and meditate on your intentions or personal mantra. The stone will create an essence of its healing properties as it becomes infused in water and supercharges your bath. Follow your bath with our Gem Luxe Beauty Aquamarine Body Oil to nourish and moisturize your skin with its rich blend of moisturizing botanicals. 

      For a limited, every purchase of our Aquamarine Luxe Body Oil will include a genuine Aquamarine crystal to help you connect with the healing energies of the stone and create a soothing, crystal infused bath ritual or meditation practice. While supplies last.⁠

      Aquamarine Luxe Body Oil with Aquamarine Crystal - Gift with Purchase

      A Message from our Founder

      A Message from our Founder - JulRe Designs LLC

      I'd like to thank everyone who has trusted us with their skin, purchased a bottle of our Luxe Facial Oils (sometimes 3!!!) and made the launch of Gem Luxe Beauty in December 2019 such an amazing experience. We've come a long way since that bright Summer day almost 3 years ago when I laid a bouquet of flowers I'd just purchased from a local farmer's market on my jewelry design table next to a pile of gemstones that I was about to turn into a pair of earrings. Talk about lightbulb moments! ⁠

      We will always believe in clean beauty. We will always use only the highest quality ingredients we can find. We will always believe in treating your skin like a precious gem. We value your opinions and look forward to your feedback. Thank you for the love.