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      Color Collective: 10 Links to News & Hues, Vol. 9

      Color Collective: 10 Links to News & Hues, Vol. 9

      I missed posting your links last week but I'm trying to make up for it with this week's really special ones. Enjoy!

      • Which major fashion brand do you think is at the forefront of using plant-based materials for some of its products? The answer may surprise you. (DesignTaxi)
      • These exercises DO help strengthen your core and if a flatter tummy is a side benefit, I'll take it! (Prime Women)
      • I recently did some Spring dress shopping - in my closet! I'm just a bit embarrassed by what I found. (The Color Lab Blog)
      • As a Marvel fan, this interview with the creator and showrunner for the newest Avengers action series on Disney+, was revealing and very relevant in our current times. (Polygon)
      • Reading glasses are a necessity for many of us and the search for colorful and fashionable ones is over. I'm head-over-heels in LOVE with these. (CADDIS)
      • A toast to these 10 Black women who are successfully distilling spirits in the male dominated industry. (Thrillist)
      • Get 20% OFF my favorite glow-inducing body oil with code 'GLOWROSE' until 3/21/2021! (Gem Luxe Beauty)


      Until next time, may your life be filled with COLOR!


      Love, Juliet





      CADDIS: Reading glasses that don't suck. For people who own their age. FREE U.S. shipping. Get older. Own it. See stuff. caddislife.com



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