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      Colorful Mocktails: Blood Orange Ginger Iced Tea

      Colorful Mocktails: Blood Orange Ginger Iced Tea

      Cocktail or beverage? I'll let you decide. My Blood Orange Ginger Iced Tea is my last ditch effort to hold onto Summer for as long as possible.

      However there really is no reason why this drink can't work for Fall as well. Just substitute cold tea for hot. The flavors will still be refreshing and delicious!

      Blood Orange Ginger Iced Tea

      The flavor of Blood Orange is similar to the orange fruit we know and love. But there's a layer of berry-ness that gives it a richness that is almost wine-like.

      Ginger is a fragrant spice with a slightly peppery undertones and a sweetness that is warm and zesty.

      I love citruses all year long and the richness of blood orange is smooth and satisfying, not at all tart and biting like some can be. The addition of ginger makes this drink extra special!

      Blood Orange Ginger Iced Tea Ingredients

      This beverage is great for lunch, brunch or partytime. Or just when you need a liquid pick-me-up. 

      And with only 3 ingredients, you can whip up a pitcher in no time! 

      Watch my how-to video or follow the complete recipe below for all you need to add my Blood Orange Ginger Iced Tea to your home bar drink list!


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      Juliet's Blood Orange Ginger Iced Tea

      makes 1 drink


      Glass: Tall/Pint

      Garnish: orange slice, mint sprig

      Glass Size: 16 oz.


      1. Fill serving glass full of ice.
      2. Pour ingredients into serving glass in order listed.
      3. Pour mixture into cocktail shaker and back into serving glass to mix.
      4. Add garnish and serve.
      Until next time, let's raise a glass to living a life filled with COLOR!

       Love, Juliet