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      Colorful Quarters: Lighting Fixture Makeover Secrets To Revitalize Any Room

      Colorful Quarters: Lighting Fixture Makeover Secrets To Revitalize Any Room

      image: Regina Andrew Design Bubbles Chandelier


      My Colorful Quarters series is always about the cost effective ways you can add color to your home without having to completely renovate the spaces that need a refreshed look. This edition is all about one of the simplest, often forgotten way to make your style and functionality upgrades without breaking the bank.

      A lighting fixture update can have a huge impact on your home’s interior design, so get inspired by some of the ways you can update your home’s lighting!


      Whether you're going for a simple, streamlined contemporary vibe, a flavorful, eclectic bohemian look or just matching your own decor vibe, adding a bit of color with your lighting fixtures is an easy way to inject a new dynamic in any room you want. 

      Choose colors that suit your personality or the mood you are trying to create. Looking for peace and calm in your bedroom? Try adding pale greens or soothing blues to the shades of your nightstand lamps. Want to turn up the heat in in an otherwise cool, sedate living room? Be daring and hang an ornate orange chandelier or place a brilliant red floor lamp beside a comfy reading chair. The options are endless!

      Avram Rusu Studio via HGTV.com

      image: Avram Rusu Studio/HGTV.com

      I hope you love the products I recommend! This blog post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows me to continue to bring you color commentary like this. You can find more about our site, privacy, and disclosure policies here. Thank you for your continued support!



      There are many types of fixtures for you to choose from: 

      Chandeliers make the most eye-catching impact. Because they are often looked at as large fixtures, dripping in opulence in a foyer or over a formal dining room table, they are often not a consideration, but they are actually quite versatile and now come in many different shapes , sizes and of course, colors. If you want to create an exciting focal point in any room, they are a fantastic option. 


      Colorful Dining Room via HGTV.com

       image: HGTV.com


      New Arrivals




      Sconces are the fix for any area you want to bring to life. Whether you use them to spotlight artwork hanging from a wall, feature a beautiful door or to frame a bathroom mirror, they can be an inexpensive option to add color and pop anywhere you desire!

      Bathroom Sconces - Coates Design Inc. via HGTV.com

      image: Laura Swimmer/Coates Design Inc. via HGTV.com 



      Lighting fixtures styles don't just end with Chandeliers and Sconces. Take an existing floor or table lamp, switch out the traditional white shade and add a colorful and/or patterned one for a vibrant room transformation. Use red to add high energy and intensity. Add bronze or gold metallics to create elegant warmth. A strategically placed textured purple shade can provide a regal sophistication. Or opt in to joy and happiness with a cheery yellow. 

      I was inspired by the fun I had searching for lighting fixtures for a client's room refresh project that I decided to share a few of my finds for you to shop from the product board below: 


      Lighting Fixture Product Board


      1.  Regina Andrew Design Malibu Chandelier - style is no longer available but here's an interesting alternative.

      2.  Anxwa Firefly Agate Chandelier - sold out but here's a very similar one 

      3.  Monaco Table Lamp

      4.  Louis Poulsen AJ Sconce

      5.  Safavieh Quatrefoil Table Lamp

      6.  Versailles Floor Lamp

      7.  Decor Therapy Framboise Fringe Shade Floor Lamp - size no longer available but here's a smaller version.

      8.  Ripple Pendant

      9.  Avedon Mini Table Lamp

      10.  Livex Ardmore Pendant


      Until next time, live life in COLOR!

      Love, Juliet




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