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      Color Collective: 10 Links to News & Hues, Vol. 11

      Color Collective: 10 Links to News & Hues, Vol. 11

      Got the travel bug again? I definitely do but I'm playing it safe and taking short/day trips not far from home for now. Once it's safe to expand my horizons, I have a long list of places I'm headed to. This week's list will help you plan colorful trips of all sizes:


      • I'm not big on tour traveling. Call me a control freak but vacations shouldn't be about schedules and timetables. Nevertheless, a few of these international food tours would make me break my own rules. 
      • Washington, DC has always been a weekend getaway destination for me. Despite all that has occurred there in recent months (and years), I can't wait to return to check out some of the places Vice President Kamala Harris frequents. (Travel and Leisure)
      • Pop these in your carry-on for a luxurious moisturizing skin care treat.
      • You'll be able to find your luggage on the airport baggage carousel with ease with one of these colorful spinners.


      Until next time, may your life be filled with COLOR!


      Love, Juliet




      I hope you love the products I recommend! This blog post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows me to continue to bring you color commentary like this. You can find more about our site, privacy, and disclosure policies here. Thank you for your continued support!





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