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      Color Collective: 10 Links to News & Hues, Vol. 4

      Color Collective: 10 Links to News & Hues, Vol. 4


      The newest of new links are here just in time for your weekend. Enjoy!

      • This artist's mastery of the art of quilting and the messages his work embodies left me speechless. (Craft In America)
      • We've been reminiscing about the days when travelling was simpler, pre-pandemic but we've been eating vicariously by keeping the Home Chef Extraordinaire's tasty version of this spicy, Caribbean favorite on repeat. (The Color Lab Blog)
      • I "read" more books last year then I thought I ever could by "listening" to them on Audible. I'm currently enjoying a re-read of Walter Mosley's colorful masterpieces from the Easy Rawlins mystery series but this one is a standout for me, narrated by actor Michael Boatman. 
      • If you're a true foodie, you may balk at what's being done today in the name of pizza by an enterprising entrepreneur. Nevertheless, the story is....intoxicating. (Grub Street)
      • I recently celebrated my 61st birthday and if there is anything I've learned over the years is that fashion should NEVER cause you pain, in your wallet or any place else. It's why for the sake of comfort and sanity, I live in these. (The Color Lab Blog)
      • You may get a surprising health benefit from performing the simple act of stretching. (MindBodyGreen)
      • Did I mention I recently turned 61? And I think my skin has never looked better. I know I'm extremely biased in this opinion but I've been using this product for many years and it's a main reason why. (Gem Luxe Beauty)


      {image credits} Craft in America, Airbnb, Adobe Stock/shurkin_son



      Love, Juliet



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