Shades of Green: 10 Pairs of Sunglasses You'll Want to Wear Every Day

March is the one month that completely owns one whole color in the spectrum and that color is green. Inevitably, when the month rolls in, I start to see everything in magnificent shades of green as it’s a signal in nature that warmer weather is on the way. I love the color so much because it signifies an abundant life in harmony, and supremely good health - all ways that I try to live my life every day. My adoration of the hue extends into my business with our company logo of four ombre green leaves, each representing a part of the foundation of our organization's core values: a passion for color, a love of design, respect for our community and a commitment to service to others.

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Of course, my obsession with green wouldn't be a real thing if it didn't carry over to my wardrobe. I think it’s an incorrect assumption that this lively color can only be worn by a few. There’s a shade for everyone! It’s such a fun and energizing color for me that when I put it on, it's hard not to smile! And colorful accessories, like the 10 pairs of sunglasses I found are an easy way to wear the color to make a dynamic impact with any outfit. And adding almost any shade of green will take your OOTD to certainly not-at-all-boring levels. Find your perfect pair of green shades below and happy shopping!

Color Craze: Shades of Green | The Color Lab Blog

1.  Haskell Sunglasses in Aloe Crystal - Warby Parker

2.  Illesteva Women's Vilma Square Sunglasses - Bloomingdales

3.  GloFX Color Therapy Glasses - Amazon

4.  Ada Sunglasses in Forest Green - Warby Parker

5.  Beale Sunglasses in Rosemary Crystal - Warby Parker

6.  BOTTEGA VENETA 53mm Cat Eye Sunglasses - Nordstrom

7.  KENZO 147mm Aviator Shield Sunglasses - Nordstrom

8.  LifeArt Oversize Polarized Sunglasses - Amazon

9.  FEISEDY Classic Women Sunglasses - Amazon

10.  OSCAR DE LA RENTA X MORGENTHAL FREDERICS Twist IV Gradient Sunglasses - Nordstrom


Until next time, may you live a life filled with color!

Love, Juliet