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      Color Collective: 10 Links to News & Hues - Vol. 3

      Color Collective: 10 Links to News & Hues - Vol. 3

      Fresh links for helping you to live your most colorfilled life ahead:


      • Playing the sleep game can wear you out and there are so many products and potions being pushed at us with guarantees of 8 solid hours of zzzzz's. I'd rather try this more satisfying approach. (mindbodygreen)
      • If 'Dry January' is a thing for you, I highly recommend these all natural zero-proof alcohol alternatives. Keep an open mind: No alcohol-free spirit will ever taste exactly like its more spirited counterpart. But these are excellent adaptations. (Amazon)
      • Are you a 'picky kitty' parent? Cats may be the most finicky of all pets. Here are a few things my own fickle fab feline have made his favorites. (The Color Lab Blog)
      • This private dining experience from one of my all time favorite restaurant groups is tailor-made for those of us who miss the pleasure of having a culinary treat prepared by a master of their craft. (Blue Hill at Stone Farms)
      • I'm a sucker for all things Rose and this creamy tea is everything a floral fragrance lover could dream of. A super soother!
      • From the incomparable jazz virtuoso, Wynton Marsalis (with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra Septet), music for the moment. (jazz.org)
      • Not only do these come in great colors, but I do believe they may be the world's softest socks. 30% off until 1/20/21! (Hanes)


      Love, Juliet


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