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      Colorful Closet: Activewear in Pulse-Racing Neon

      Color Craze: Activewear in Pulse-Racing Neon - JulRe Designs LLC

      Juliet in NIKE Swoosh Sports Bra (a newer version here), FILA SPORT High Waisted Leggings (similar ones here), RYKA Influence Cross Training Shoe (available here)


      I hope you love the products I recommend! This blog post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows me to continue to bring you color commentary like this. You can find more about our site, privacy, and disclosure policies here. Thank you for your continued support!


      There isn't a color palette more exciting than Neon. Punchy, supersaturated hues never go out of style. From Brilliant Blue to Lime Punch to Super Pink, Neons were created to excite. I'm a child of the 70s and 80s who remembers having fluorescent neon posters and black lights that turned my outrageously loudly colored bedroom into my own personal disco complete with strobe lights and Donna Summer and Chic blasting on my record player. Back then, Neon was on trend and fashion statements in these megawatt colors were made daily. So are you already saying, "There's no way I can wear these hues"? I get it. Today, they get trotted out on the fashion runways every few seasons and as a lover of bright, bold colors, I appreciate that. But my commitment to this palette has been long lasting and I don't fear pushing the color envelope with all of that vibrance.

      Pantone Neon Colors

      Pantone Neon Colors

      If you dare, start with a little pop of neon with your basic neutrals for everyday. A belt or a purse. Maybe a cute sandal. Or better yet, go all in during your workouts like I do which is a great way to see that there is no need to fear the brightest of brights. There's a Neon shade(s) for everyone!


      My Color Mood at the Color Lab Shop


      To help you dabble in the this pa-POW palette, I've assembled some of my favorite activewear that will not only help to elevate your heart rate, wearing Neons may even give you an extra boost of happiness to help you enjoy your workouts as you power through. Shop my 8 activewear finds in hot colors below!

      Color Craze: Activewear in Pulse-Racing Neon


      1.  ALEADER Women's Running Shoes - Amazon

      2.  GLOBAL BANK Slim Fit Workout Jacket - Amazon

      3.  SWEATY BETTY Stamina Longline Sports Bra - Nordstrom (no longer available but here's another good one!

      4.  EPIC MMA Gear Yoga Shorts - Amazon

      5.  SPIRITUAL GANGSTER Self Love Leggings - Nordstrom (SOLD OUT but LOVE these!)

      6.  247 VIZ The Reflective Vest - Amazon

      7.  ADIDAS ORIGINALS Tinted Belt Bag - Amazon

      8.  CHAMPION Women's Essential Double Dry V-Neck Tee


      Until next time, may your life be filled with joy and color!

      Love, Juliet